Hey y’all! I’m Nicole. Wife to the most incredible husband, Jarrod. Momma to drama of my two little precious daughters, Aria and Hadley. I have found one of my greatest passions is encouraging other mommas to grow in grace. This wild ride to motherhood has broken and restored me over and over again. Only through the daily cultivating of my faith am I able to disciple my sweet girls.

Most days I am a hot mess, t-shirt and yoga pant wearing, surviving on multiple re-heated coffees, living on lots of prayers momma. You can usually find my girls and I in the kitchen having dance parties with Alexa, or in the playroom donning our best princess ball gowns. Our favorite man of the house owns and runs a local retail golf store, and you can find out more about our new online store here!

My prayer for this little store is that mommas can find quality, fun shirts, and other goodies, that allow you to express your faith. I know that mommin’ can be so hard, if you ever need extra encouragement, reach out to me for prayer. OR you can find a lot more of that at my writing site by clicking here!